Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dating Advice From NAM

"You want them to want you.  You don't think you have to do any work."  This was said when I expressed reluctance to go and flirt with boys (right in front of her).  AS was a huge flirt and loved to be the center of attention and would have a steady boyfriend, another guy calling her all the time, another writing her, another coming from out of town to stay at our house, and another trying to get in her pants.  NAM loved that her golden child was so popular with the boys and chastised me for not having them hanging all over me the same way.  For one, I didn't want some boy calling me just for the attention.  I also had other interests and was not too keen on my romantic life being the front page news for anyone who knew me.

And of course NAM would point out any guy who was really tall.  It didn't matter that I already had a boyfriend.  She wanted me to meet the tall one and be his girlfriend.  He could even have a girlfriend himself.  Didn't matter to her.  She couldn't understand that I wasn't gonna be interested in a guy simply because of his height.

When I was 16, I was in AB's wedding.  The bridesmaids were paired up with the groomsmen according to height, and being the tallest, I was stuck with the tallest guy.  NAM went on and on about what a perfect couple we were.  How we looked so good together.  I guess she didn't care that his fiancee was also in the bridal party too and heard every word.  Everyone knew they were engaged, even NAM.  But that didn't matter.  She knew best.

NAM never dated anyone but AF.  Never.  I think he was probably the first guy who ever asked her out.  So of course that made her a dating expert.

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