Friday, November 11, 2011

Handbooks For The Narcissistic Parent

How to beat the shit out of your child, mind-fuck him, make him hate himself....

And make him think it's all his own fault?  Well, you can get explicit instructions by reading the books written by James Dobson.  He has a PhD in psychology, but I have to wonder if the school he attended was started by Nazis.  I need to find the link where he tells the story of beating the shit out of his dog and the satisfaction he got from "winning."  It reads like a serial killer's manifesto.  What disturbs me is the parents who buy his books and implement his "advice" and think they're doing what "god" commands them to do.  He quotes research in his claims, but it's his own research.  As is, "spanking is good because the research shows it.  What research?  Well, mine, of course.  You don't need anyone else's."  Does he sound like anyone you know?

So this sadistic, egomaniac dog turd is the founder and former leader/twat in charge of "Focus on the Family."  Here is a short list of some of his books:

The Strong Willed Child

Dare to Discipline

Bringing Up Girls

Parenting Isn't For Cowards

Bringing Up Boys 

I didn't want to include the links because I wasn't too keen on increasing traffic to those books from my site, unless it would be clear that I absolutely think their author is a psychopath.

NAM was a huge fan of James Dobson.  The Strong Willed Child was the only parenting book she owned, and the only one I ever saw her read.  She was highly threatened by any of her children reading any child-rearing books, and she made snarky comments about baby and child magazines.  I bought and read the most books out of any of my siblings, and I subscribed to more magazines, plus I bought them off the newsstands.  These were things I either had to hide from NAM or claim that someone gave them to me.  Pretty sad, huh?  Some kids hide pot and booze from their parents.  I had to hide books.  Even as an adult in my own house with my own children.  Otherwise she was so highly threatened, she would become an utterly cruel asshole toward me and would completely trash my mothering ability and insult my entire existence.

I actually want to slap people who are disapproving of me cutting contact with NAM and the family.  Yes, I want to slap them.  Or punch them.  I guess if I ever lost control and did (for the sake of argument) I could always say, "My parents taught me to hit.  Blame them.  And blame James Dobson."

Heh heh.


pinkpearl said...

James Dobson is a sick fuck. It's really scary that his books actually sell.

Sweetness said...

I haven't been in a Walmart in quite a long time, but their book section had a lot of his drivel. You can't find a copy of "Death of a Salesman" or "Crime and Punishment," but you can find a paperback manual on how to legally abuse your child for $4.83.

pinkpearl said...

Louis CK has some wise comments about hitting kids (around the 2:30 mark).

Of course James Dobson readers are not likely to be Louis CK fans. I'd rather have Louis CK for a dad.

Sweetness said...

I LOVE Louis CK. Have you see his newest comedy special? You can buy it on his site for $5. I think it's called "Louis CK live at Beacon Theater" or something. Wonderful!

Claire said...

Dare to Discipline was my mother's go-to book for parenting advice. SICK STUFF. She also gave copies of The Strong-Willed Child to other people if she thought they needed help with their parenting (that is, if she thought they were crappy parents with a bad child).

I read DTD when my first son was young, because I wanted to know what was in it. I knew I'd disagree with it, but needed to KNOW. It's awful, abusive stuff. I also found that while I was reading it, my temper was shorter with my children. It's toxic.