Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Self-Declared Adult Orphans

I am one.  I'm looking for a way to have my adoption declared null and void.  I don't want NAM and AF to legally be my parents.  Even though I'm almost 40, they could still technically try to get custody of my children, sue for visitation rights, or get them if I die.  My children's dad HATES NAM, so he wouldn't be a problem, but just as soon as NAM and AF got word of my untimely demise, they would crank up their efforts to take my children and ruin their lives.

Invalidating an adoption that was done in 1984.  Can it be done?  I'm not trying to change anything else other than the inheritance issues, especially as they pertain to guardianship of my children.  I have no extended family.  People bristle when I tell them that.  Like I'm supposed to just pretend my parents were OK and just forgive and forget.  


Anonymous said...

I don't know. This is a legal issue so perhaps a consult with an attorney would be in order. Generally you can procure a free one-time consult and perhaps you can seek out an attorney who specializes in adoption.

Now on the the really meaty part-the "What if?" aspect we ALL fear. FWIW when I was preparing my Will I discussed this issue and the family dynamics in some detail with my attorney. While narcmother and nsis were mentioned (so they couldn't use the "she must have forgotten about us!" excuse to contest the will) they specifically were prohibited from having ANY contact with other family members mentioned in the will "for reasons which are well known to them." In my state, that covered the issue.....they're gonna try to contest regardless BUT the Will in that one sentence conveys very clearly my intentions/directions post-death.

I hear your fear. Please speak with an attorney-this truly is a "Peace of Mind" issue and narcparents will use ANY means available to further THEIR agenda, particularly in times of stress/disruption.

Anonymous said...

Can you get adopted by someone else? Adult adoptions are on the rise. I am estranged from my family and appreciate the emotional burden. It is hard to communicate it to people who have not experienced it.

anastasiadenton said...

Depends on the state & whether or not there are grandparent's rights there. But yes love the idea, similar to me & my ex husband's "no unchaperoned visits with those grandparents" clause in the divorce.